This website provides an accessible introduction to the morphometric approach to structure characterization via Minkowski Tensors. In addition, there is an interactive demonstration (the Morphometer) in which simple shapes and small datasets can be analyzed. Minkowski Tensors were studied in the DFG research group “Geometry and Physics of Spatial Random Systems” and are widely used. Some applications and background information on the theory can be found on the References page.

Implementation and Design (morphometer):
Dr. Fabian Schaller

Scientific Concept:
Dr. Sebastian Kapfer
Dr. Michael Klatt
Dr. Fabian Schaller

Advisory Panel:
Prof. Dr. Daniel Hug
Prof. Dr. Günter Last
Prof. Dr. Klaus Mecke
PD Dr. Gerd Schröder-Turk


This site was developed with the support of the interdisciplinary research group “Geometry and Physics of Spatial Random Systems”, funded up by the German Research Foundation (DFG). It is now supported by the Karlsruhe Intstitut of Technology (KIT).